Women's Ministry

The women’s ministry of Theta Baptist Church is here to supplement the church-wide ministries of corporate worship services, Sunday school and fellowship group meetings. We focus on issues directly related to women, their unique God-given gifts and abilities, and their daily struggles in their walk with God.

The purpose of the women’s ministry at Theta Baptist Church is to help women know and understand God, and disciple them in their roles as women in the world, wives, mothers, friends, and daughters so that their thoughts, words, and actions are a reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • On the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month at 7pm, our Ladies meet for a Bible Study at church. They are going through True Woman 101 right now. Please come and join them. Don't worry about jumping in the middle, each week they watch a 20-25 minute video and then have one of the leaders facilitate a discussion.  Moms, please bring your daughters with you!