Children's Ministry

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. On the glorious splendor or your majesty, and on your mighty works, I will meditate.”                              -  Psalm 145.4

Right now, we have our "Generations of Grace" classes at 9:45 am on Sunday Mornings for all our children. However, all ages are allowed in our main Sunday School as well. 
We also have Nursery during both Sunday School and the Morning Service. 

We offer a children's church for kids age 5 and under, and each week we have a customized child's handout for those in the service that matches the pastor's sermon to aid our parents with engaging their kids about the preaching. 

On Sunday night, we all join together as one large church family for singing and worship. 

Our desire at Theta Baptist Church is to equip families to glorify God in our culture and daily life. We recognize that the primary responsibility for discipling children belongs to the parent, and the church cannot have the same spiritual influence on the child as that child's mom or dad does. You, as a mom or dad, are in the ideal place to not only teach your child the truths of Scripture that you believe, but to also model for your children what dependence on Christ and the Holy Spirit looks like. You are called to lead your children in living for the glory of God each and every day! We as a church want to help you do that through discipleship, encouragement, and clear Biblical teaching for your children. 

We have 4 core values that drive our Ministry to Families: 

  1. Equipping Parents as the Primary Disciplers of their children. 

  2. Teaching the whole counsel of God, with special emphasis on the Gospel, to families every week.

  3. Praying for the families and relying on the Holy Spirit to regenerate hearts through the teaching of His Word.

  4. Living faithfully before our children and modelling how Christians are called to respond to God, to love one another, and to minister to the world around us.   

Resources for Parents: 

These are some of the resources we have put together for parents to aid them in their calling to train up their children to know and love our Lord. We hope you find them helpful! 
Children's Book Recommendations
We have put together an extensive list of book recommendations for parents and children. These are Story Bibles, books about Christianity, fun and safe children's books, and even books on parenting that we have used and happily recommend. We've tried to break them down in to categories (Story Bibles, Books on Christian topics, etc) and also by the age of the child. We hope it is helpful to parents, grandparents, and anyone else who spends time with children! 
Family Worship Is Not Hard, or Mysterious!
This is a short 2 page encouragement from Pastor Kevin on doing a regular family worship time in your home. He shares some of what his family does, and shows how having a time where your family sits down together and worships the Lord is possible for everyone, and can be life changing for you and your children.