A Message From Our Pastor
Thanks for visiting our website!

Here at Theta, we are grateful for the opportunity God has given us to proclaim the good news that He is gracious and merciful to us even though we are sinners. 

Our desire is to be a congregation that loves one another, serves one another, and bears each other's burdens. We believe the best way to do that is to exalt Christ above all! We want to be a  fellowship that equips believers to grow in becoming more like Christ as we trust in God's grace. We want our members to know and love God, and to glorify Him in a culture that is increasingly rejecting everything that has to do with Him. 

Our time together is marked by an effort to make the Word of God central to everything we do. We sing songs, new and old, that glorify Him. We really do believe that the Bible is "sufficient" for all life, making us complete and equipped for every good work, and so we teach the Word each week in Sunday School, we preach it in every service, and we strive to delight in it at home. 

If you live in the area of Spring Hill, Columbia, or surrounding communities, I hope you will pray for us and consider visiting to worship our Lord with us! 

In Christ,
Kevin Morse