Service Times and Location

Sunday Mornings: 
  • 9:30 am- Coffee and Pastries
  • 9:45 am- Sunday School
  • 10:45 am- Worship Service
Current Series: 
  • Sunday School: Acts 
  • Sunday Morning Sermon: Selected Scriptures

Our Sunday School class studies through a section of Scripture each week, with the teacher using a mix of lecture and engaging in dialogue.  It is relaxed, and you won't be called on or required to speak up. The dialogue is only voluntary! 

We believe that worship is about glorifying God above all, and so we sing songs and read Scriptures that reflect that calling. We try and keep our worship sweet and simple.  We believe that the church is called to "preach the word," and so our sermons are expository, focusing on encouraging, exhorting, and convicting believers to live out their calling as children of God. We believe that God's Word is powerful, and the Holy Spirit will work through our faithful obedience to it.

We try to worry about the heart more than about how we dress, or how we look, so we'd rather you spend time preparing to meet God and worship Him than worrying about how to dress. Some people wear ties, some people wear jeans, and some people wear ties with their jeans so just come ready to worship God! 

The first Sunday Evening of each month we celebrate the Lord's Supper. The Last Sunday of the month, we have a fellowship meal immediately after the Sunday Morning service.


We are about 15 minutes from both Spring Hill, TN and Columbia, TN. We sit atop the highest point in Maury County. Our address is:

2321 Les Robinson Road
Columbia, TN 38401