The last post was about the best books I had read in 2015, and since books only make up one part of my reading, and for many people it's more worthwhile to suggest an article anyway, here are my favorite articles from last year. I read a lot more than these, but for one reason or another, these stood out to me. 

"Staring At Dementia, Fighting For Joy" by Jeff Robinson. I know several people who are fighting this particular battle right now. It's a lonely, discouraging, frustrating, and oftentimes overwhelming battle. Jeff did a great job being real, and being hopeful in the face of it. "My mother’s mind has left, but the Spirit of the living God continues to indwell her. Jesus promised not to lose one of the sheep the Father gave him and nothing, dementia included, will snatch them out of his hand (John 10:29).

"Six Wrong Reasons To Check Your Phone In The Morning, And A Better Way Forward" by Tony Reinke. Talk about a problem previous generations would be clueless about! This article is convicting, humbling, encouraging and anyone with a smart phone should read it! 

"5 Spiritual Dangers Of Skipping Church" by Nathan Rose. This one is perhaps on my radar more than most because I'm a pastor, but these are 5 serious concerns for those who decide their time is better spent on their own than with Christ's body. 

"So-Called Same-Sex Marriage: Lamenting The New Calamity" by John Piper. This was Piper's response to the Supreme Court decision that took place last year. It was an excellent, thought provoking Christian response. 

"The President's Deeply Dishonest Statement About Life" by Denny Burk. This one goes all the back to January of 2015 (wait, things stay on the internet that long?! Our internet brains can't think all the way back to January!!). Without knowing what would happen in 2015, with Planned Parenthood and abortion coming back into the crossfire, this article points out the dishonest nature of the pro-abortion mind. 

"Why Do So Many Walk Away From The Faith?" by Mez McConnell. It's a sad and frustrating reality that many people will not really commit to Christ because they are too committed to their own convenience. This article is a sincere and thoughtful look at this. 

"Why Our Children Don't Think There Are Moral Facts" by Justin McBrayer. This article from March is spot on concerning a major problem our generation has. 

"Christians Should Engage the World on Tough Issues" by Micah Hershberger. This one just snuck into 2015, but since we're living in a culture that is becoming more and more actively opposed to Christian thought, believers need to renew our minds more than ever. I've enjoyed getting to know Micah, and reading their new blog this year. Good, clear thinking! 

"Are You Mom Enough? (Mommy Wars)" by Rachel Pieh Jones. Sara put this one in front of me, and it's apparently now been turned into an ebook that Desiring God is giving away. Great stuff for moms! "From my perspective, however, the Mommy War is over. Done. Finished. Kaput. And I lost. I am not mom enough. Never was, never will be. But I am on the frontlines of another war. The battles are raging and the casualties could be my children, my husband, or myself. This war isn’t about me being mom enough. This war is about God being “God enough.”"